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60 years after the Battle of Hogwarts, there is still a battle of Dark and Light. Which side will you choose?
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Rigel Malfoy
Minister of Magic
Rigel Malfoy

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PostSubject: Visiting    Visiting        EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 11:24 pm

Rigel held Aislinn in his arms, watching her sleep.

Within hours of her birth, she was already his little princess and always would be.

Now for Isaac, it was a different story. Rigel wasn't being judgmental or anything, but the kid seemed strange. He seemed like he would be odd his entire life. And hungry.

Always hungry.




Every day.

Rigel didn't care, really. He loved both of his children, regardless of oddities or princess-like qualities, which both Isaac and Aislinn had respectively.

He watched Kerrington with Isaac. She was so tender and sweet and, well, beautiful with both of them. He could watch it all day if he could.

"So when is everyone supposed to be coming over?" he asked his wife.

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Rigel Malfoy. Minister of Magic. Twenty-five years of age. Married. Father of two.
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Kerrington Malfoy
Assassin/History of Magic Professor
Kerrington Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Visiting    Visiting        EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 11:32 pm

Kerrington shrugged, holding Isaac close to her. Looking over, she smiled when she saw Rigel holding Aislinn. Aislinn would be a daddy's girl. She knew it. And, obvious by the way Isaac wanted to be held by Kerrington every second of the day, he would be a mummy's boy. Kerrington like this.

A lot.

Who knew being a mom would be so wonderful

"I think that they will be arriving any minute. " And, almost as if called, one of her family members walked in.

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Kerrington/History Of Magic Professor/Wife/Mother of Two
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Isaac, stop eating.
Aislinn, that skirt is too short.
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Psyche Malfoy
Deputy Headmistress/Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor/Head of Slytherin
Psyche Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Visiting    Visiting        EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 12:44 am

When Psyche heard that Kerrington had given birth, she was absolutely outraged. No one had told her until after the actual birthing. Damn. She would have given anything to see her niece and nephew being born.

But then again, birth was a difficult, disgusting process, so...

Maybe it was best she wasn't there.

Anyway, she left her flat as soon as she got the news and rushed to St. Mungo's. Did she care that she was wearing her dressing gown and slippers? Of course not.

"Out of my way! Trying to find my niece and nephew!" she cried.

"Ma'am! Ma'am! Who are you looking for?" asked a receptionist. Psyche sighed.

"Look, I know where I'm going. Just let me go!"

She stormed off and rushed up to the sixth floor. She saw a plaque that read "Kerrington Malfoy" and opened the door quietly, breathing a sigh of relief.

Taking on an unnaturally sweet persona, she asked, "So, these are the twins? My little niece and nephew?" She walked in and closed the door without so much as a creak. "Let me see that one, Rigel," she said to her younger brother, gesturing to the child in his arms.

Oh no, nothing malevolent at all.



Oh come on, you don't believe it, do you?

She just wanted to see the kids. That's all.

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Psyche Malfoy/Head of Slytherin/Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher/Deputy Headmistress/26/Engaged

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Sirena Potter
Sirena Potter

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PostSubject: Re: Visiting    Visiting        EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 12:55 am

Sirena was in the middle of writing a very angry letter to Parker, when her House Elf Twinkle let her know that her cousins were born. Sirena just about let all of her anger toward Parker go. But, then again, that would never happen.

Yet, Sirena did scream with joy when she heard that there were more babies in the world.

There could never be enough babies.


After she finished getting dressed, she rushed to St. Mungo's. She couldn't wait to see Rigel's kids.

That was another reason was so excited.

Rigel has kids and a spouse before his siblings.

Who would've thought that would happen?

Ignoring the yells and protests she received from the staff, Sirena walked toward Kerrington's room. She knew where it was, since Twinkle told her. And, besides, no one would stop her to seeing the new additions to the family.

Opening the door slowly, Sirena grinned.

Kerrington was lying in the bed, holding a baby in a green blanket. She looked tired, yet far happier than Sirena has ever seen her.

Rigel was holding a baby in a yellow blanket. Sirena had never seen him this happy either. Or tired.

And, then there was Psyche. In her dressing gowns. Oh, Sirena had so much blackmail.

Walking over, Sirena hugged Psyche and carefully hugged Rigel. And then, she walked over to Kerrington.

"Hey mum," Sirena said with a grin. "How are you?" She wondered, looking down at the baby. It was Isaac and he looked just like his daddy. "Aww." Sirena whispered, smiling at the baby and Kerrington. "He's perfect! Can I hold him?" She wondered.


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